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Our Humble Beginnings...

Our labor of love started with a disaster -


Chris, Jerry and Johny have known each other since 2009 and have many things in common. The three of them are from the Caribbean, where sharing food is a big part of the culture. Neighbors are often seen carrying food to each other’s houses and social events. We noticed the struggle they were having carrying multiple meals around and we decided there must be a better way.

We had the idea for Lock It Plates several years ago, but our idea really took off after the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010.  After the earthquake, Johny went home to volunteer as an interpreter for the Red Cross. During that trip, Johny realized that the lockable plate idea would be extremely useful for distributing food to the victims, who were dealing with unsanitary conditions and needed a way to minimize food contamination. Johny, Jerry and Chris met shortly after and decided Lock It Plates offered a perfect solution for the issues the people in Haiti were facing. Our humanitarian spirit and our passion for innovation became our drive to make Lock It Plates a reality and still push us till this day to make an environmentally friendly product that leaves a positive impact in the world.